Chaos Era Continues - Cyno Update

I always wanted to do this but never got the motivation:

(takes huge breath)


Now I really feel silly for having done this.

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No reee hear fellas. I’m quite serious, the pop won’t return to what it was without it.

Also don’t fall into the trap of thinking krabbing and pvp are mutually exclusive. Most null sec players do both. Most players didn’t leave, they just unsubbed their pve accounts and left their subcap pvp mains running.

For me that’s a reduction of 4 accounts to 1 in terms of subs going to CCP.

Now if you simply want all the players to leave their pve accounts unsubbed and just play on their pvp mains, that’s cool, but the Eve ecosystem is going to miss those juicy targets for NPSI groups to chase after and that’s a lot of sand lost from the sandpit.

Recently leaked information from the CSM suggests CCP will be catering for the needs of safe mode players like yourself in the form your own server. Word round the camp fire is that it will be called " monotonous "

And yet I have considerably more pvp experience than you

zkill only has you going back to 2014 ? If you go back too 2004 or earlier then you can claim that you have more pvp experience. So if that is the case then i have 10 years on you.



lol it’s a good meme! Credit for that

I would but not totally ready to be banned YET lol

One thing I have learned that time played counts for ■■■■ when considering a players experience. Some players could have been playing this game for 16 years and still not learn something a new player with a fresh perspective can take in right away.

It’s all about how limited you really are to try and learn new things. Some people think you have to be taught how to play, and then they never really know or learn anything outside the boundaries of what they’ve been told.

You can’t think outside the box when you’ve already established standards on how to play. Sometimes it takes learning without the naive sense of certainty to really see what everyone else has been missing.

Its an inherent defense mechanism against change. It promotes stability but can lead to stagnation.

Some very impressive psycho babble, but completely lost on me as I’ve no idea what you’re getting at!!

What I’m saying is simple: revert the cyno changes, make null great again!!

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Great is subjective.

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I am saying that players don’t always know what is good for themselves and most are just simply unwilling to change for the better.

The potential of something and what is possible is lost from the masses who know nothing else outside of social expectations.

Does anyone really have an opinion if they had to be told what to think first?

I am saying that players don’t always know what is good for themselves and most are just simply unwilling to change for the better.

The potential of something and what is possible is lost from the masses who know nothing else outside of social expectations.

Does anyone really have an opinion if they had to be told what to think first?

Do you think the rejection of the blackout is simply null players being ill-informed or unable to think of the future? I don’t. Null players didn’t leave, they simply unsubbed their pve accounts and left their pvp accounts running. Sure we switched to more pvp centric activities, but that means less accounts e.g. I was paying for 4 accounts pre blackout/cyno changes, post changes I needed only my subcap pvp main as the 3 rorq/cap accounts I had were not worth paying for.

That’s lost revenue to CCP which clearly from the Blackout removal they want back for the health of funding the development of the game.

I think a better direction would be to accept blackout/cyno changes = too many lost pve accounts. Try to entice those accounts back (which the 25% sub discount is attempting to do btw - clearly CCP are onside there). Then introduce more opportunity for null sec fights, say a means to reliably create WHs to particular regions so Bombers Bar and other npsi groups can come hound me in Esoteria again! One of my fav things was staying out in my rorqs when Bombers Bar were roaming, the first time i was dropped on was intense, I was shaking and my voice cracked on comms as I tried to organise a response fleet. I regularly had up to 50b of assets on the field, that’s scary when you see 100+ bombers or PL enter the grid. I’ve lost caps and been saved by my friends. I’ve warped in knowing I will likely die because… friends.

That’s the type of exhilarating gameplay we need more of. That fear of npsi groups / hunters. Not some blackout change which means 0 counters to drops or cyno changes which prevent the possibility of fighting back.

Like many players I have my own thoughts as to what would make for good changes, they’ll be framed in terms of what I enjoy most as will yours. Blackout and cyno changes for me are not what’s needed. Now reverting the cyno changes… there’s a booming idea as a starting point!

Sometimes what players most desire for a game isn’t what is best for the game.

Sometimes what players most desire for a game isn’t what is best for the game.

I hope you include yourself in that!! :slight_smile:

I think the cyno changes are too limiting and should be rolled back a bit but they did need a nerf.

BLACKOUT was just a poorly planned mess, it was game changing event remember…not an announced change to the game. Most events don’t involve such extreme changes and most events can be ignored by players who don’t want to participate if it interferes with their game play, in this case they didn’t have much choice but it wait it out.

If CCP really wanted to see if players would accept it or not they should have put it in an update as a change and let players plan for it, experiment with it and then decide and provide feedback. In this case they didn’t get much constructive feedback just everybody pointing out that nobody could/would play during the event.

Since there was never any thought of a long term outlook for BLACKOUT (except those that people assumed) I am pretty sure a lot of players were just waiting to see it end.


@Gowa_Hyasyoda I think the point I’m making is players very much did accept the blackout change, which is to say they unsubbed their pve accounts and kept their pvp accounts running. Switched from pve centric activities to pvp centric activities. It created an over abundance of hunters. I personally switched from 4 accounts to 1 (3 being rorq accounts I no longer needed)

I was one of the first in line in my stratios hunting post blackout changes. Took a week before I realised all the pve accounts were unsubbing. Pve and pvp are NOT mutually exclusive, the players remained, they just didn’t need those pve accounts anymore.

Problem is you NEED to incentivise pve in all space to keep the krab-hunter ecosystem going. Remove all the prey and the predditors will die off too after not too long.

For me the answer is

  1. ISK sinks to balance the monthly MER.
  2. More tools for pvp gameplay to help with hunting.

That way pve accounts do not feel punished or treated like an abandoned playstyle and hunters bring back that sense of danger.

You are just talking about Null, the PvE players started to reappear in Hi-sec as the Mineral prices rose.

Say what you will but for whatever reasons (I am sure there are many) the game got really quiet for both PVE and PVP. You can say there was less PVP content because of less PVE going on but I also noticed that PVP became much more risk adverse and so people who realized they only had to wait like everyone else during a time not rich for PVP anyways, why bother doing anything else but wait.

Yes of course I’m talking about null, the blackout and cyno changes impacted null and low sec most, not high sec.

High sec pve content is definitely important though, I don’t disagree there. I know of quite a few players that pulled their pve accounts from Test and sent them to high sec for incursion, abyssal running and burner missions (all 3 of which are way more isk/hour than null sec even before the blackout and cyno changes)

If you’re advocating high sec buffs I’m with you, but the way to do that isn’t to revel in null sec nerfs. Destroy null sec and there’s a lot less sand in the sandpit. Level heads are needed here!

They impacted the whole game. To they didn’t impact Hi-sec means you do not understand how EvE works.