Chaos Project-Part 1: Miner Strike/Future Possibilities

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Do forgive any misspelled words dear reader for I am on my tredmill trying to drop some weight so I can fill up on the holidays.

I suggest an idea…

An idea that can be taken in many ways but I will only point out the main two that will be obvious.

1: This is a horrible/Dumb/Noobish/Ect.Idea

2: It will get people thinking.

Mining in gerneral is the foundation of this game, they are the unthanked/looked down apon group of people who have helped otheirs by gathering the material needed for many items within the galaxy.

The miners spend countless hours and days mining for the materials that players are too lazy to mine themselves or just buy from the market with ease. This way of life as been the way EVE has been for years and everyone seems to be happy with this way of life BUT…What if that all could change.

What I am suggesting is a STRIKE that if done right could lead to something that could rock the very galaxy itself.

I’m not just some random who is just posting for the “LOLZ” and when reading this I would like for you to take a moment and realize that no matter how crazy this sounds it’s something that could very well be an amazing thing to behold if all the parts fall in to place.

“Get Too The Point!”

I hear you cries already dont worry here is the bag of beans people.

-Here it is-

During my time playing this game I have taken the time to understand the market place of this game and YES everyone can do that but in all reality its like the stock market in the way that the prices of items can go up and down depending on the supplie & demand of such items along with its rarity. This is all basic stuff that we all know so it will not be hard to understand as I progress through this bag of beans.


I know crazy…but hear me out.

I’m not saying to stop mining…in fact keep on mining BUT TOGETHER.

All mining orginaztions joining together to form one group and store and keep all resources in order to grow & improve the orginazation.

YES before I go on some miners will not be agree with this idea and sell but if they are only in the small amount this plot will still go off the same because they will be unable too meet the demand.

Why I do suggest this and what will it do?

During the time of no materials(or a small amount) being available to the public it will cause prices to go up as the materials become more and more limited to the point that the basic material will have a high price value and players will have to mine it themselves but in all honesty they will complain a few minutes or hours before they go out and it themselves (Talking about you OH SO MIGHTY people)

With this is happening it will not be a shock too see people fighting like two crack heads over a dime bag when it comes to getting their hands on some supplies because over time it will happen.

The effects of this will not be fast it will take some time but in time effects will be seen and felt across EVE.

This won’t get people thinking and it’s been suggested many times usually in the form of some sort of “miner’s strike”.

It won’t work because cartels only work when supply can be restricted and you will never be get enough people involved.

Posting this sort of stuff on the forum so other people can do the heavy lifting rarely works if it is not in their interest to do so.

Finally, the Eve market works more like a commodity market rather than a stock market.

Lack of imagination everyone deep down as the want to be see where something can lead for now it’s only words on a screen as many things just words in the beginning but over time it develops a following.

Results are not expected to happen overnight but they would in fact have an impact on the Game of Eve.

Why not just look at the Monthly Economic Reports and do some math to see how many people you will have to convince in order to make your objective happen?


I promise you I’ll be taking advantage of this the instant there’s a gap in the market. It won’t be hard to undo the changes a week of a Miners Strike would make on the market.

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What a brilliant idea! :roll_eyes:

Now to propagate it in the very location it is most unlikely to be seen by those whose support you wish to cultivate.

Try r/eve?


Another one of these? Why is there another one of these in just a few days? How often are miners going to strike?

No, OP. You’re not going to get anyone thinking, because we’ve chewed through this already. Also, because you don’t understand that your messages reaches no one, and has no actual effect on anything. If you want to make a Change, you …

  1. Have to do that in the game itself
  2. Have to understand wtf you are doing

Neither apply here.

Now how about YOU start thinking about this instead:

  • How many miners are there?
  • How many miners are being added to the population every day?
  • How many miners are going to read this?
  • How many miners, who are reading this, are going to care?
  • Did no one ever come up with this idea before you?
  • Assuming someone did, why is there no public record of it?

Is being a pseudo politician/freedom fighter/unionist the new craze nowadays?


Too many “crisis managers” and not enough “leaders” or “workers” in the current mindset of people in general.

One of my high school teachers explained it as the “cult of self-esteem,” and warned that it was a byproduct of not having massive wars, famines, or sabretooth tigers giving chase combined with some (not all) aspects of the anti-bullying movement. Thus, individual members of society when they leave the structure of the school system struggle to find self-worth by creating some sort of crisis or outrage that only they and their followers are able to solve so that they may justify their existence to their community.

It goes off the rails, however, as the leadership skills needed to deal with an actual threat are not taught or experienced, due to the lack of these threats.

Enough of the soapbox this morning on my part. :slight_smile:

A problem with the OP’s plan is that it’s quite possible for a single combat player to get several hours worth of ores within a 20 minute span with nothing more than a T3D and a hauler alt in an almost completely safe fashion without a single point spent in mining.

A second problem is that this can be done infinitely as the resource (rocks) is not limited to anything except the ability to extract them. Mining strikes work in the real world because the resources are finite and limited to a geographical location. In many places though, management or the military removes the strike and production continues.

The real issue is that the people who have the drive and leadership skills to get any sort of movement to succeed in Eve usually realize that they’ll get better isk and return on their leadership skill investment by applying those leadership skills to running something more lucrative in null or some other space. Those who succeed in High Sec are usually not mining, but preying on miners.

OP, think as a role-player and not a gamer. Ignore the isk for a moment. You’ve selected a path that is dangerous, is prone to the whims of market forces, and at the end of the day is a thankless dirty job so simple it can be done by machines (bots and NPCs). You can either stay in that role and be grateful with what you have and make small but meaningful changes to how you handle your role, or you can move on to a greater role, which may require combat, and succeed at your goals.

This is a submarine simulator in space. Most mining occurs on land. Thus, it’s not the mining aspect specifically you need to thwart to throw the market in a tizzy.


Miner strikes…these are new and exciting

You think you are going to make the Goons put the rorqs away?


Actually you just gave me an idea.

One can not get all highsec miners to just stop mining, but the Goons could easily get a vast majority of highsec miners to mine for them instead. In nullsec. It might take a month and heavy advertising, but eventually most miners will see that it’s vastly more profitable and move there instead. The Goons could actually pull this off … and it would be hilarious!


This is correct! Nice angle you got there! May I ask … when was this time when you were in high school?

Your teacher was touching on the lack of a survival instinct. How “equalization”, participation trophies and the idea that “everyone’s a winner” leads to people who never actually achieve anything, simply because they never wanted to. There is no need, or desire, to be better. Everyone’s equal anyway, and those who are better are “gifted”. How when children are being shielded from struggles and challenges, they eventually degenerate into princesses believing that screaming out loud is the best way to get what they want.

There’s lots of these types running around here! Your teacher might like to have a look around and I would love having a conversation with him about this. :slight_smile:

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That ship almost looks happy…


In all honesty I did not bother looking up anything about past events because of the massive amount of things that has happen rather not take ideas from anyone.

Sadly this was about two decades ago and I believe the teacher has passed since then. Would’ve loved Eve though, probably as a ganker or pirate.

Thankfully I was part of the, “here’s the tools, you figure it out,” group before they started handing out participation trophies. Gifted was the term used for the special ed class.

The irony of many of these “let’s change eve society,” threads is that the solution to their problems was solved by naval strategy more or less a century ago and those solutions should work in game as their opponents are using them regularly. The ability to look them up, then figure out how to apply them, however, appears to be lost.



for all things Nullsec


I will look into that.

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All this is something is ment is to get people thinking and see possibilities

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Then you should spread it in the game, and not on the forums. I’m not trying to stop you from doing it, but personal contact and communication is key, and this begins in local chat. The vast majority of people don’t look at the forums and the people on reddit will not care much either, because they’re mostly just drones for bigger alliances, with absolutely zero interest in being anything else but drones anyway.

Your biggest problem is that people are sheep, miners even more so. No matter how you do it, do it in the game, because on the forums the best you can hope for is good advice.


I have already done my own thing.

I will not say what but many of my friend and I have discussed this in detail as we have gathered different information from many groups and from the whispers this is something if done would be followed by a good number of people who will not say it aloud but to action when it would happen