Project Parasite

I have watched as many groups fight for power and have seen leaders of strong groups come and go, but do you wanna know something none of those people really matter.

I think it’s time we spice things up a bit it’s been along time since anything interesting has happened in a good while and I think it’s time for a new event to happen.

Those who control the resources controls the Galaxy!

Miners are the key but they can’t do it alone.

Miners are the people that go out and have made mining into an actual business that is the life blood to all this economy with out the raw Material there would be no ships no weapons no nothing to be sold or traded that are of importance to those who wish to rise in power.

What I am suggesting Is that all minors rise up and become a force to be reckoned with.

Cease depositing any materials and watch as players become frantic. I do realize that the prices of this would be slow but given the fact that people fight and ships are lost all the time and material will be used up quickly putting a dent many large Fractions that by a bunch of material that helps out with their group.

This is not without risk many Miners will be targeted and hopes to steal material from you or the weaker of you will give in do to profit.

Those weak enough to cave-in are not needed leaving I see the bigger picture.

The big picture to all this is having the Miners Become the key thing and And with all great keys they must be guarded and who to better take up this task then the players who love to fight and destroy I’m talking about those Pirates.

Pirates let’s be honest whenever y’all die it’s all about destroying the other ship and you love it you can respond are you want so long as you took out that ship in the end and we both know it’s true well the other guy is screaming that he died you’re laughing. I can respect that everyone loves playing a game certain way and from this game we can tell there’s a lot of people that love to play it is a certain way and I want you guys to become something more.

Miners you are the lifeblood in the Pirates they are the Shield and the Sword.

With the miners supplying resources And the pirates building ships thanks for the techs in the group It would not be long before they had some of the strongest vessels that EVE Can I offer.

Powerful vessels with drones not only would people have to be fighting the main ships but they would have to be fighting drones as well the screen will be lit with lasers if anyone tries to get involved.

Well most people are happy with staying in one location that would not be an option for this group that’s not intimidating enough with its power and resources he could go anywhere it wanted to like In game Parasite killing all those that got its way and devouring the resources.

Sure this little thing would not last long if done right there would be spies the people trying to get in the group to destroy from the inside out but that’s common or We have a lot of people actually try to destroy the stuff and make the group vanish with conflict which would be fun but at the end of the day that’s all this is about as just having fun and making the game interesting so if he wants to take up this idea it’s free.

lmao. I’d be impressed if any of you and your mining friends had the spine to actually see this through.

The Spine?
What a hearty statement it’s almost as hearty as my chicken soup I had for supper.

Let me know when you and your miner pals have actually done it, provided you have the balls. Until then, I’m just gonna sit here with my popcorn.


I hope it’s the popcorn with extra butter.

As long as you promise to bring the salt once you realize that your plan will never work.

Since it looks like you kids need some time, I’m just gonna bookmark this thread and come check it again about 3 months.

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Perhaps the salt is already been delivered or over done in your case good sir
By the vibe of reaction you have had.

No minors in the casino

You have my attention

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You make one big assumption here. That the miners are not also the pirates


Let the kids be kids.

Miners are parasites. They leach off the natural resources of the cluster through their greed, and in a life of complete immortality, choose just to shoot rocks.

They aren’t the key. They are food.

Food is vital though. So miners are vital…as food.


Is this for the undisciplined, disorganized, AFK highsec miners?

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Hang on, does this mean “Well, I had this great idea, you NERDS make it happen, ok?”

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“Somebody else ought to do something!”


I hate to piss on your parade, but I don’t think you’ll ever be able to make this happen. Many miners would prioritize the needs of their corp, and many players would scab. I mean, if prices got high enough, you’d suddenly see a lot more miners.

Stop trying to rebel miner! Accept your place in the natural order, at the very bottom. Shut up and keep digging for those minerals!


If CCP removed every rock from highsec it would not crash anything - nullsec is the breadbasket of New Eden.

Worst case: we could all fly T3.

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Do not be a PARASITE like the KULAK OP



I would like to point out… you, as an NPC char, matter even less.

And therefore your idea is doomed to failure.

The difference between you and the people you think don’t matter… they command potentially thousands of players. So they have the means to influence a lot more than you to perform a shutdown. There shutdown will be felt a lot harder than your NPC miner revolt shutdown.


Combat is a test of ability.