It's Time For An Empire To Rise

I have been watching this game for sometime now and feel that there is something missing from this game that would make it more…interesting so I will throw my two cents into the vast amount of schemeing that takes places in the digital universe of this game and perhaps this idea will raise an eyebrow or two.

When playing this game many would think that the one with the most weapons & ships is the one who has the power in their sector of the galazy but that would be the thinking that has everyone stuck in that constent loop of blowing up ships and going to wars just to see who has the biggest galactic wang among them to prove that they are the people with the true power but that is where their thinking is wrong my friends.

I will not lie to you all…I really would like to see something fantastic happen with this game because I have grown so tired by the petty actions of the many guilds,teams,clans,ect. They all do the samething and it always ends up going no place thrilling. That is why I have come here to post this idea and do with it as you will because it can be down by the people who really wish to see a change on this game and possible end up throwing this whole galatic game into that will make people worry when they log into this wonderful game with such possiblities.

The only true way to bring chaos across this digital realm is to hurt the player base where it hurts…the material.

Miners,builders,and most of all the pirates…I am talking with all of you.
It is time for you all to realize that when the three of you work together in one massive alliance that there would be no stopping you from making the whole galazy a playground owned by you and the rest of the players having to play with their tails between their legs knowing that you are calling all the shots while they are in you’re yard.

Miners & Builders such a thing might seem too outragous but how often have you been screwed over by players who only keep you around because you build stuff for the team and scream at you to build more or been mining for countless hours only to not be given a thank you to those who you have been digging for only to hear them wanting you to stay on longer so that they can sell the ore for cash and possibly screw you over not returing to share the profit of the hard work?
It is now time for all these battle hungry players to fall before you because with all of you apart of this plan they will be at your mercy.

If all the miners were to band together with the builders and keep the resources that were gathered how long would it be before everyone started to run out?
The miners are like oil drills without oil…no gas with out no ore being sold no real items can be built by the masses who are outside of youre circle.
Even if players would be able to mine their own items it would not be enough to be sold in the shops in all honesty the later weeks of this event taking place the prices for ore will be increased because of the high demand and short supply.

How long before they start killing players who are mining for their supplies? We will see the most pure of heart player turn to his savage side for his digital ore…it will be so fantastic…YES you will possibly be attacked during these times if your main base is dscovered but…they are more to lose.

While they will attack with their ships you will be able to rebuild and resupply youre brothers in battle but they will be lacking running scared soon after the strongest ship they had before is lost an can no longer be replaced.

Miners You are the blood that will flow through the body of this movement it can not be done without you because that is how valuable all of you are…it will be complished if there is weakness among you who wish to line their pockets with bribes and selling to the shops for that big pay day.

Builders You are the weapon masters like a blacksmith who spends countless hours folding the blade of a katana in the blazing heat youre time is valued and much needed because you are going to be the force that arms the troops to wage war when the sectors are weaken.

Now lets not forget the people who will spilling the blood and who loves the chaos…Pirates…are you ready to rise?

No longer will you be hiding among the stars waiting to pick of the few for a profit you will be the people that players fear as your ships fly within the universe smashing an iron fist down on anyone who dares stand against the groups might.
With youre thinking and the honor that comes among you there can not be a denying fact that the slight possiblity of being the greatest power within this game does not tickle your fancy.

I’m only the artist who will deliver the first stroke of the brush on the paper after that it’s up to all of you to take the brush and complete a wonderful painting of chaos and digital anarchy.

If all this followed the only thing that will be left for the players of this game to give into our demands and allow the group formed to be the only true galatic power within galaxy.


The Galaxy is within you’re reach.

Will you really deny the chance to work together and rule?

It’s now time to end this petty game of cat and mouse and become the lions who will be hunting these weak sheep.

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You will often find that the majority of these are already out there in alliances and other corps. The first and most major flaw is that you need to end the market for your vision to exist. Good luck with that.

A brilliant and foolproof plan with only two minor flaws (see what I did there?):

1 - Do feel free to look into how much is mined in different areas. The Delve region ore output alone is greater than at least much of hisec.

2 - Do feel free to look into how much is mined in different areas. The Delve region ore output alone is greater than at least much of hisec.

Now, I realise that technically is only one flaw, but it is such a big one I thought it should be mentioned again.

There are other reasons it wouldn’t work as well…

Alts. Alts are why that idea will fail. Because most of the builders are also the shooters.

Yeah, the big null sec cartels mine and manufacture more than anyone. The dirty little secret is that it seems people only hate on highsec miners and industrialists. Everyone’s fine with nullsec ones.


me and others have thought of something like this but there is no way to make all of the industrialist and pve to stop supplying, because the null secs would freighter their stuff in aswell

Did he not just describe (the aspirations of) Goonswarm?

I like the idea. Sort of like in Dune, where one side wants to halt all spice production, and the other side says “the spice must flow!”

What is needed is a Muad’Dib.


I love this idea! You are obviously talking about the formidable CODE. Alliance and how they should rise to greater heights, running their own mining corporations killing any and all competition! Can you imagine this? It would be great! Instead of asking for 10 million isk, they could offer people a place among them! Soon we would see CODE compliant miners everywhere, reporting all the horrible bot aspirants and ultimately freeing the game of the shackles of boring zombieesque AFK gameplay!


WHOOPEEE! \ :smiley: /

I kinda-sorta envisioned this too. Like all the non-affiliated miners and industrialists band together. The ones who refused to join could actually be hunted down and ganked :slight_smile:


This means Delve is pumping …

… really hard. :drooling_face:


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For like a year I’ve wondered why [INSERT BIG NULLSEC CARTELS] haven’t been worried about this. You might say they are, but then I’d expect some response, i.e. their own bar on the bar graph to shoot up, or [INSERT BIG NULLSEC CARTELS] to attack Delve. But no, all I’ve seen is yawn.

Not that I care either way. I have zero dogs in the fight. It’s just not how I’d run things if I was the guy sitting in the big fat King Henry the VIII chair at [INSERT BIG NULLSEC CARTEL].

You would send all your miners to high sec, as vacation, for a week, so they can empty all belts there.

You would send the less crabby ones (see what I did there) to go suicide gank everything that moves, and you will instruct them to tell their victims to use safe words like ■■■■, WAIT, STOP, NO, WHY??, so they know when to stop.

And, of course, you will bow to me, your Queen. You will let your minions erect (*snickers*) a truly gigantic dickbutt at the Boundless Creations station in Hek, made out of freight containers with 500k HP, right next to an even bigger message from yours truly personally, me: “Sol said Hi!”

Dickbutt. ■■■■ yeah!

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