Rise of the Pirates

Make a new Theme about the expanding powers of the Pirates as they prey upon on the rising conflict between the Empires and the incursions of the Triglivians.
A raising leader of the Thukker tribe introducing new powerful ships to secure their tribes land.
The Angels introducing their new mighty capitals in their new quest.
Blood Raiders wanting to establish themselves as a higher race pillaging the outskirt worlds for blood for their Lords.
Sansha doubling down on their Incursions with improved machinery.
Guristas & Serpentis expanding their Influence.
Outer Ring expanding their mining operations into desolate solar systems.
Sisters of EVE playing around with new Wormhole technology to reach distant solar systems.

Thukker don’t have land and don’t care about land. They roam all the stars with their nomadic caravans.

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Think about it like a Genghis Khan emerging.

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Exactly! Let the pirates raid the NPC stations so that there is no asset safety there either, very good idea! CCP will implement it thankfully.

Pirate faction new Battlecruisers, Dessies etc
Pirate mining ops, smuggling convoys and more aggressive tactics and AI :sunglasses::facepunch:t3:


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Good way to have unsubbing like mad, CCP is already struggling to keep players playing and subbed.

I was being ironic :rofl:

I would love it if the Pirate/Drones would try to push the Alliance’s out IE attack Citadels and maybe spawn fleets to go after people mining/ratting.

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