Guri Pirates

Will the Guri pirates become the new NPC’s of the game?

The Guri pirates could even be coded to defend the ESS sites in Null or even possibly steal from the ESS. The more that the Guri’s steal from the ESS, the larger their ships become and the more frequent the Guri’s would appear across New Eden.

Adding a mechanic that allows pirates across all of New Eden to build a presence and better ships would be an interesting environment change.

The coding might be difficult, but when Capsuleers have to compete with Guri pirates for ESS, a new dynamic to the game will be created,

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For now they’re just event npcs. What CCP does with the faction in the future we don’t know.

As for hiring npcs to defend your infrastructure, it’s something I’ve suggested multiple times. Most of the older forum watchers don’t seem to like the idea though, since they believe those types of things should be guarded by players.

They are already in the game, it’s a coalition of Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates. Do you even read the lore?

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While I like the idea of Pirate NPC’s having an active presence that affects Null Sec space, CCP will never implement that action in-game.

Remember when Drifters started attacking Alliance Structures in Null Sec space during Black-Out? The big Alliances all threatened to unsub and leave the game, basically forced CCP to remove that content from the game.

So yeah, I don’t see any type of content like that ever being implemented into the game…


Null Sec shed Bear Tears and CCP collected them in a bucket and drank them, lol.

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