Pirates are supposed to plunder... right?

EDIT: NPC pirates seem to attack the empire faction mining fleets as long as they’re decently armed i.e, a couple cruisers or a battlecruiser. EDENCOM does not shoot the pirates though.

Maybe they’re just hyperfixated on ORE for some reason. It’s very strange that the Guristas just stare at the Astral Mining and Material Aquisition rats chomping on asteroid belts, who…y’know, they’re part of factions that the Guris are opposed to. Nevermind the Edencom gunstars not shooting pirates either, which those drop things that the pirates could use as well.

Is Havoc just a grand conspiracy between every non-player faction to make capsuleers fight senselessly against each other? To corral and beat us in to submission? Is the Deathless actually the leader of CONCORD?

(or is it just an oversight that logically makes no sense)


The NPC mining corps most probably paid off the local pirates to leave them alone. :wink:


I’d rather ask…whatever happened to Eve being a ‘sandbox’ game ? Is it still a ‘sandbox’ game if there are more CCP sand castles in the game than player sand castles ? If the balance tips too much towards PvE then I’ll probably call it a day.


If this was a thing happening in player-owned null then yeah I could sympathize, but high and lowsec is NPC faction controlled space. As far as I’m aware you can warp in to people running the ORE defense sites and interrupt them. This is basically FW too, which kinda operates on those points of interest facilitating fights.

Eve is still a sandbox game. It’s just silly that pirates won’t shoot miners that they have a clear shot at.

Ideally player pirates should ask for cargo of the ship. OR the ship itself and not kill the pod. People so darn fixated of just mass murder.

You can’t be a pirate if you don’t extort. If you kill EVERYTHING in sight you are just anarchists lol.

Right? This seems logical…

Maybe PVP would actually pay if pirates got to actually acquire new ships from people.

I think there’s an option for the pirate players to leave the ORE rorqual alive during the FW- site thing they do. Of course they can also choose to kill it, but that’s a nice touch.

Also, apparently the pirates do engage the NPC miners but only if their fleets are a decent size, like, a couple cruisers or a battlecruiser. EDENCOM doesn’t shoot them at all though. Still not giving up on the Deathless is CONCORD theory.

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What we do is totally up to ourselves* and on need to know basis.

We also hold very strong suspicion that your in charge of some AI Supercomputer that constantly analyses our dealings within New Eden!


Depends on who is asked.

A fun topic came up in chat other day as awoxing was happening.

Literally and figuratively. PLayer named awox in milita…I’d be guessing it was real one that made this an eve household name.

Anyway…we had team kills on sites. and people shooting the angel npc’s. we save/help angle npc’s…not shoot them. And pulling the whole yarr, its piracy no rules bit.

at this point many have fraternity. on don’t trust lists. and some other 0.0’s.

then you get amarr and min mil showing up and you basicall get a free for all. and neut thrill seekers.

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It really makes me hesitant to join FW tbh.

Even pirates should have their own code of conduct.

If people are just killing fellow pirates it’s just anarchy at this point lol.

Most do. It was expected some (0.0 based) would do their crap.

Its not too bad all in all. Getting supplied stations an issue but its only week 1.

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I make them from these:


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Nah…the game is called EvE ( Everyone versus Everyone )…not EvNPC


Yup, that’s CCP’s ultimate goal, to make everybody fight each other so they (CCP) can get free advertisement from all the various gaming review sites.

Well yeah. 0.0 doesn’t bring the free press like it used to. I remember long ago when the first space turd was killed in a nicely setup trap and got 15 minutes of gaming fame for the cost of that loss. Lots of sites covered that.

ITs 2023, the gaming world and hell a decent chunk of eve is not caring a former goon director dumped over 50K in jump clones, Many with some kind of implants I’d wager. And bpo theft ofc…that is jsut expected though really.

Exactly my point…

Which is why CCP keeps implementing all kinds of hairbrained ideas in an attempt to get that free advertisment again…

I’d not say hairbrained. It needs refinement. We could bring a better show if we had better supplying options lol. I don’t jsut fly crap because I am cheap. I fly cheap crap since sometimes its all that is there.

Angels side some cool dudes drop some nice fitted contracts not even gauging prices even. Trick is to be on when they get to ZZ to seed them though.

Those large battles are the most enjoyable thing in Eve. We need more of them.

It is a nice selling point. Other options out there…well lets put it this way.

Since havoc I haven’t even checked in to do even my weekly wintergrasp runs in wrath classic. I don’t see me rushing there this week either. Sunday I was ticked off I already jc’d out to the good training clone in empire since I know irl goes to crap till Wednesday for me. And this had me miss a capital fight on Aset/turnor gate out of the blue.

I’d not be able do much in it granted, but it would have been cool to see.