Pirates are supposed to plunder... right?

Yes…though a good deal of the personal outcome of large battles is down to luck. Or rather, if I get on lots of kills it is sheer skill…but if I lose my ship in the first 5 minutes it is sheer bad luck :slight_smile:

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He’s a cool dude and would be the first to tell you that calling blue-on-blue violence an „awox“ is not cool, as it was Mittani propaganda that made it a household name. Not his choice.

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Oh yeah, very cool dude in chat. Most of angels people are. Why I am liking the eve return. Wow has some rage lords over the most stupid stuff in pvp…and its not even loss on death. I lost 2/3 ships in as many hours. Go buy more lol.

I’m confused :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
Didn’t we already slay the queen bee together?

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There’s an infinite supply of them as people run that COSMOS mission all the time. Got five or more just the past two days. :wink:

Why would they?

EDENCOM is anti-trigs, nothing more


Yes that is why suicide ganking is the only real pirate profession.

That profession only exists due to miners.

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