Project Idea

While playing this game for awhile there is a misplaced thought on who holds the true power in the universe and while some say it is the one who owns the money,ships,and weapons that is untrue.

Miners hold the power on this game.

Many do not bother to mine they rather have someone do it for them or buy the material from the market that was gathered by the hard working miners.

I propose a movement that could work in out in a few ways some good and some bad depending on the desperation of players or the commitment who take part in this movement.

Miners DO NOT sell!

Materials are used up a lot by many players but because of the quantity of materials being sold in shops it’s easy to get ahold of at a cheap or good price depending on what it is but if there was a shortage of materials soon be limited and the prices will go up.

While everyone begins to fight each otheir to get ahold of materials imagine the battles or perhaps wars that would happen during the time of shortage.

Now this would take sometime to show effects but the effort would be worth it and indeed many miners would perhaps be indanger but…what’s the points of playing a game if there is not a few moments of thrills but the amount of attackers and effectiveness of the effect can be remedied during the state of low materials when the Miners Band together to form its of powerful force by using the materials that have been gathered together to create a power force that can with stand attacks form those who would strike against the organization.

With lack of resources players would fear to make a direct attack they would be risking much needed resources that could put them at a disadvantage with otheir players if they had weak ship.

Miner could have enough power to take over own section of galaxy and slowly spread like a Virus gathering all the material and building defenses and offensive ships with players lacking the resources to stand against them.

Then again this could lead to an all out war or a new threat to Eve of the miners were to take it seriously.

Uh huh.

Look, if you really want a revolution from the bottom up, you need something catchier than this.
Your manifesto should include;

Speaking directly in your syntax to those you want to hear it.

Reinforcing a direct understanding of whatever downsides affect your chosen demographic.

Underline the benefits of supporting the cause.

Reinforcing the concept that those following the ideal will be better off and how.

You seem to be proposing a mining strike, but as miners like money, how will their wealth be increased by a cessation of rock-splitting?

Oh and dont forget to give your movement a catchy name and an income stream.

Something like the Mining Guild or The New Mining Guidelines of Kaapatunen and levy a fee for being part of the new movement to cover admin costs etc

Dont forget to issue a Union Card too.

Scabs who mine during the strike should have their card revoked and face sancitions.

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If High Sec miners went on strike we’d do even better down here.


Everything has to be official with you people.

I’m speaking the truth is all I’m saying nothing more nothing less.

“Manefesto” that is something I could do but not everything has to be so political.

If you want it to work you have to do it right.
But its unlikely you will get much support if you call those who give you suggestions to help your cause “you people”.

Your “truth” as you see it is that high sec miners make the majority of minerals, but I am not sure that is the case.

Do you have any evidence to support that?

And what is the purpose of this strike? You say to have the power. Can you quantify it?


It’s numbers.

With a item is in demand the prices would go up it’s nothing too difficult to understand from the stand point if marketing.

I could go in great detail and perhaps I will after I’m done drifting off to dream land for a few hours

This was your big evil mastermind plan?! Make nobody successful to create content?

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I completely support this idea. What are your plans to start this great project? How will you deal with miners who collude with THE ENEMY and sell their ore on the market?


I think scabs should have their doors kicked in as a lesson to anyone else that steals from the mouths of miner’s minors.

But thats just me.


Nope. Afraid they don’t.


Wow, we haven’t had a thread like this in a while!

@Keno_Skir … well, to be fair, they would, if they weren’t all just silly sheep.


IF is often a bigger word than it looks :parrotsleep:


if people weren’t so stupid and wouldn’t have sold in irrational panic yesterday, i’d have more fiat now.

I love a bit of irrational panic selling :stuck_out_tongue:

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Every Rorqual miner in the game loves this idea.

Every entity holding large supplies of rocks and minerals loves this idea.

OP, I’m afraid you are far from the first to have that idea, even. The thing you desire is extremely unlikely to happen, to say the least.

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Heck…I mine in hi sec on an alt when bored. I support the idea… Mainly because I won’t participate. You guys reduce the flow of minerals and Icll keep mining and selling. You won’t make isk but I will happily.

And there in lies the problem. It’s easy to suggest an idea. Getting others to follow, that is the challenge.


They’re miners though. You could stand against them with a plastic spoon.

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You sir have never faced the dangera of the battle barges!

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EVERYTHING is political. Color of your skin, how you talk, what you sell, who you kill.

Your whole idea is political. You’re trying to change the status quo.

Main flaw with your “Project”…miners have small balls.

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