Char Sold

24.98 Mil SP

21,767,767 Mil SP
3,213,091 Unallocated SP

1 Yearly Remap
2 Bonus Remap Available
Has Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Located in Amarr

Excellent Core Skills
Cyno 5
Cybernetics 5
Large Hybrid Turrent 5
Excellent Armor Logi Skills
Very Good Vindicator Pilot to do Incursions
Or Get into Logi Role in Nestor
Can Fly Gallente Blockade Runner or DST

Starting Bid 20B
B/O Reserved

Bonus Skins
Has Vindicator IGC Skin

All CCP Rules Followed.
Will Pay Transfer Cost





17b isk ,If you are interested.

Thanks for showing interest. Looking for more :slight_smile:

23 Billion buyout

Accepted :slight_smile: Please send isk and account name.

Received Isk and Account Name, Will make Plex Transfer

@Merra_Podiene I have made the support ticket for the transfer of character. Take good care of her!

6 days and transfer hasn’t happened yet. Support ticket opened with ccp

Yes I have already messaged them twice, awaiting response.

Transfer was done, please check

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