Char sold

:small_orange_diamond:Good name
:small_orange_diamond:NPC Corp
:small_orange_diamond:Positive Wallet
:small_orange_diamond:No outstanding KR’s
:small_orange_diamond:Focussed for Amarr ships
:small_orange_diamond:Located in High Sec
:small_orange_diamond:Ship losses nominal (1 loss worth 16k isk)

Ideal character for someone looking to start PVP. I pay the transfer.

Lucerne | Character | zKillboard
EveSkillboard - Lucerne

B/O 8Bil

bump o/

Bump o/

Bump o/

I offer 2.2b, also free bump for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer Jester, but I’ll have to decline o7

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Bump o/

Offering 4.5b

Bump o/

i’ll go 5.0b

5.5b would be my last bid :slight_smile:

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Hi Atare, just this minute online. If you send Isk and Account details to Lucerne I’ll get the transfer underway o/

TY for everyone’s bids on this thread and in game.

It’s a deal.
Please give me 10h for deleting an unnecessary toon from my account.
I will send you isk and account name by that time.

That’s fine, I’ll be back online around 18:00 gmt tomorrow. Catch up then o/

ISK and account info sent.


Hi Atare, not long logged in. I’ll get the transfer underway o/

Ignore my message in game, character transfer underway o/

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