Character Customization


I would like to have a full beard for my character, is that already available in character customization? If not, that would be a suggestion to include this beard shape in the character customization selection.


Hermann Nitsch

The only hair in the Character Customization is on top of the head.

No full beards, long mustaches or anything else that isn’t simply drawn on the lower part of the fact of the characters exists in EVE, sadly.

I doubt we’ll see a full beard any time soon, as that would require a significant addition to the character engine and in the 7 years I’ve been playing I have not seen anything change about the character editor itself.

Nice suggestion though!

LOL, I didn’t shave my chars for years either. And his considering the famous beards men from Iceland wear. Probably new clone, nice shave.

How many of you guys out there proudly wear the neck beard?

neck beard

Have fun!

We call that look “Amish Mafia”


You can have a full beard, mot not a long beard. Its the first option in the facial hair menu i think.

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