Character Location History

In a kind of density way, can we get a last few locations tool or statistic for characters?
In much the same way that the locator agent functions, this tool could show recent short-stsy routing, longer-term migration patterns, and other larger, multi-character graphs.
I like it for it’s “silence of the lambs” creepiness. Like, where has this toon been recently, besides popped from a cyno failure mix-up by a Lachesis gang in 0.4 Egghelende?

Getting a characters current location from Locator Agents is plenty, anything more is an invasion of privacy.

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Unless… Said toon has a criminal status… Bounty hunting would be cool this way

Maybe when bounty will start to mean something.

If someone want my usual routes, playing hours etc. track me down old way. No need to simplify game even more because someone is lazy.

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maybe when bounty is correlated with criminal.

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Exactly what i.mean… Concord should put bounties on players that make criminal actions. That should be interesting

That would be an isk faucet. Please, no.

Isk faucet? I don’t get it

isk faucets are the mechanisms that generate isk in the game.

Killing a rat for its bounty, completion of agent’s mission, selling goodies to NPC store all GENERATE isk in the game.
More isk in the game = devaluation of the value of isk = inflation.

Also such an isk faucet could be easily abused. Remember that some items are massively overpriced in eve (eg some skins).

  1. you acquire enough bounty by being criminal (shoot station, 15min later dock in station, board corvette, rinse and repeat). Let’s say 100M.
  2. you acquire items which are estimated much more than what they are sold at. At least 5 times as much (so estimated 500M for eg 50M buy)
  3. your alt shoots your main that holds only cheap items that are evaluated much more than what they are worth.

result : your alt gets a bounty reward that is 20% of the value of the ship (500/5= 100M) , limited by the bounty you have on your main (here 100M) and only used 50M. So a net gain of 50M. only using corvet

This kind of items appears every time CCP drops items that had not been released since long time, eg skins, bosters, typically in events.
This has already been abused a lot to effectively convert other people “bounty placement” into money. This feature would make it possible to generate money out of nothing, and especially would be easy to do with bots using only alpha accounts.

Oh now I see it , txs

Yeah, that’s how it use to be. The main problem was Alt characters of the criminals would collect the bounty.

The problem is the alt itself. If where not possible to run multiple accounts at once the game would be much better

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No, it wouldn’t.


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Wich one is you?

None as I am favorable to one account running per time.

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The one with the backpack. Dust forever.

Off topic.


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