Character price check please

Looking to see what a reasonable offer might be for this character. Seems it is overkill for an alpha account.

Alpha accounts can go up to 20m usable SP, you just can’t free train past 5 mil SP.

Alphas can use t2 small/medium guns, t2 tank and fly battleships with t1 guns. So you should have access to most of that Sp as an alpha.

That being said if you want to dump it the rough extraction estimate for that character is $7,337,808,000.00 depending on the extractor price. So you should be able to get atleast around that.

That being said, if you’re interested in selling, lemme know.

So I could extract omega skills and apply it to other alpha skills I currently don’t have?

While the account is an alpha, you cannot extract alpha skills, which is 20m sp worth of things. So in order to extract most your skills you would need to be omega.

You can check in game what skills are currently unavailable due to requiring Omega by looking at your skill sheet and seeing which ones have yellow squares ( I think) signafying part of that skill is omega only.

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