Character sold

  • should be able to sit in an incursion scimitar rather quickly (only logi 4 and minmatar cruiser 5 missing), got full geno set (1b worth)

all characters are in hisec, have no killrights and positive wallet

4b buyout on all the toons, considering lower offers as long as they are reasonable

Confirmed for sale.

Confirmed for sale.

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3 bil. isk for Olo Amera

skillboard link cannot be opened

You need to copy it and remove the space after https because for some reason there is a maximum of 2 links per post.

Offer noted. Will wait one more day, if there are no other offers its yours.

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Its yours. Will initiate character transfer as soon as isk & account name are sent.

3 bil. isk and account info was sent in game to Olo Amera.

Transfer initiated. Thanks for buying :slight_smile:

2.8b for Darine

Or Katarina, either looks good, I don’t need the implants.

Olo Amera was received, thank you!

3b and its yours

After looking more closely, I would buy Darine for 3b, but Katarina has a lot of wasted skills I’m not interested in.

thats fine too!

Isk sent to Darine

Thanks! Character transfer initiated! Will also close this thread and open new one for the remaining character.

Received, thanks.