Characters blinking\eyes closed

sometimes, closed eyes are apropriate for profile images of one’s toon. example.

my character is a good amarr warlord princess and stands for this photo in contemplative prayer before going about her days work of oppressing minmatar scum.

the engine apparenly re-renders the scene and creates an image for each image size, and there appear to be many:
Chat window size.
Character information\profile screen size.
The enlarged version launched from clicking on the image in the above window.
The logon screen\character selection image.
The ‘Capture portrait’ version which is 1024x1024.

When creating the final image for the chracter in customisation window, if you wish to have eyes closed like i do, you wait for the blink, and take the photo.
This will work for one of the many above images, but not for the others that the game rendered automatically for the other sized images. again refer to my link.
because you have no control on timing for all the other image sizes that gets generated, you dont get the same eyes closed effect.

Please fix. maybe eyes closed\open toggle button in the image capture screen

im sure the blinking has ruined a number of images people have taken unaware that the character had blinked. this may cause frustration, but is fixable. the reverse is not.
the toggle option in the final customisation screen would solve both problems.

OR create a 1024x1024 image at the initial user confirmed image in the creation window, and downscale a copy for all other sizes needed.

yes i know this is an odball request that will go nowhere. :frowning:
but the support guy asked me to post this here so he can close my support call.
i really want this to be a feature.
i want this more than fun sov mechanic or an end to time dilation.
make me happy CCP


Adding an option in the augmentation window to close either eye or both eyes would be nice.



I support this. I’ve deliberately taken snaps “eyes closed” only to have it “corrected” to my consternation.

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I agree. My eyes are about 90% more closed than any of the pictures I’ve been able to take. I eventually gave up and went with the “concord can smell me” glare.

Add it to the list of like a dozen things that need to be updated or fixed or added.
You think they would update customization since it’s such big part of mmos but we get stick with a years old customization screen and old palette swap clothing with no new assets.

Needs an updated lighting system with a 3d source that you can drag around the edges of the portrait to show where the light is coming from instead of presets.
No more color presets. Add a color selector for colors and you can drag the color from blue light to white light to yellow to red light with gradients in between.

Add a posing system so you can actually articulate the body’s for the portraits.
Add fingers to characters.
Stop the hands from clipping into the forearms.

Needs to fix the beards with rendered hair instead of painted on textures that don’t match the head hair under certain lighting, or is invisible based on the direction of the light and the orientation of the character.

A way to disable the drag and sculpt and use sliders

More tattoos, factionally different clothing, more hair styles, make up, beards, more accessories. Different hair color options, better color blending for multi tone hair. Fix where the hair clips with clothing.
Symmetrical expression option

3d backgrounds instead of those paintings.
(Also need to fix the forums to make portraits square)

Add a save option that saves your previous portrait or a way to export it like an overview in case you don’t like how it comes out.

There’s all sorts of stuff they could fix.
The only thing I’ve been suggesting that they’ve actually done over the last year was get rid of the fancy moving/swaying hair option. It never carried over to portraits anyway. It literally did nothing but make character create harder to run.

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