Charity Gaming Event

(Omnimushu Hirashi) #1

Hi everyone,

Hopefully, this doesn’t break any forum rules, please delete if it does.

On 22nd Sept '17, my wife and I will be taking part in a MacMillan Game Hero’s gaming marathon, raising money for MacMillan Cancer Support.

We will be live streaming the event via twitch and I’d like to spend some of the time during the event playing EvE. Now, my usual activities in EvE might not be very good viewing so I’m looking for some idea’s or support to do something in-game that looks fun and engaging. I considering just popping into nul for some solo PvP but hunting alone can take a lot of time and yield no results. So if anyone fancies planning a mini brawl with me (or a huge fleet fight?) please get in touch.

We’ll also be giving away a Gaming Beanbag Chair. For full info or if you’d like to donate, please visit our JustGiving page:

Thanks in advance!