Devblog: #EVEathon - An Incredible Community Initiative


(CCP Falcon) #1

Over the course of last weekend, something very special indeed happened.

Our amazing community raised over $25,000 for Able Gamers, a charity that works to give custom controllers and hardware to gamers with injuries and conditions that cause restricted mobility and movement so that that can enjoy the latest video games.

Read more about the event in this dev blog!

(Thrice Hapus) #2

That’s some legit action right there. Props, CCP!

(Cristl) #3

Well done everyone! :+1:

Not much publicity around this though - it’s the first I’ve heard about it (although I don’t watch other people playing games, I feel bad enough about playing them myself, so that might explain it).

(King Zappa) #4

Such an awesome event! Rahne Chocolate and scaredpanda did a great job and should be very proud. I had a blast watching and look forward to seeing another ablegamers charity stream next year :slight_smile:

(Freelancer117) #5

o7 to the community that was there, donated and made this happen :sunglasses: