Chat broken again!?

same here

restart game

No joy - probably coming on line in sections… maybe

Aaaannd its not working again

I can only mail other players. And I have to “see” them as no one shows up as being in Local.

when docked i see the players…

As above, chat was moved to third party - not worked properly since then…

I’m not logged in and didn’t try to!

How do I feel when I say “I need a loan”…


I’ve now got limited comms. Some chats working, most no.

and now my work VPN has gone down!! its the APOCALYPSE!! :hot_face: :boom: :rocket: :fire: :dizzy: :japanese_ogre: :exploding_head:

nearly 2 hours of broken chat and not a single word from ccp. :ok_hand:

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Seems so, not even anything on reddit, which is unusual.

Hey @CCP_Convict who broke chat and why are you all not mentioning it?

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FYI: CCP acknowledged this issue in the 7/7 extended downtime thread when people took it over to talk about this utterly unrelated issue (gotta love when folks can’t tell what the date is…), including when CCP thought it was fixed, and that they were taking it back to the dev team when the fix didn’t work.

where have you been? under a rock? its been broken for a long time now, just sometimes it works most of the time it doesnt.

Its not broken again, its STILL broken.


Has chat been fixed yet? I can’t open any channel.

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