Chat channel SEARCH function

Is there a chat channel SEARCH function so we can find player made channels?

All I can find is a “JOIN” or “CREATE” so we need a precise channel name, but I want to search for channels based on a search string.


Let’s promote this to CCPLEASE.

This is something similar to what I suggested some 10 years ago when CCP removed all language/country channels from the public lists, the reply then was we needed to find other ways of getting the word out, maybe one day now this would actually be implemented.

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Not in game, but you can always search your own logs assuming you have enabled log collection via the client (it’s in the settings there somewhere).

Wouldn’t searching my own chat logs (if available) only show channel names that I have chatted in? Search is to find channels I do not know about.

No, log collection will happen in local as well, for example. So if you change systems after warping about and someone speaks in local, it goes to the local log.

      Channel ID:      local
      Channel Name:    Local
      Listener: <your name here>


Look in C:\Users<your profile name>\Documents\EVE\logs\Chatlogs

If you are a Windows user.

That won’t give me all the channels available to search will it, and no I don’t run Windows.

I want to search ALL player channels that exist and I don’t know about and not talked in obviously and those won’t be in the logs will they?

Oh you are asking for lists of all channels? Well that will never exist because some channels are a need to know basis…

There are lists of public channels in the channels icon in the NeoCom

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