Chat & Local Broken AGAIN , post DT

Chat & Local Broken AGAIN , post DT

local and corp chat blank for some toons and not others.

I am having this issue as well, very peculiar. I run two accounts on the same PC. First it was one account (this one), then when I shut down both clients, it was my other account.

I’ve opened a help ticket.

the chats are completed bugged, im with 1 Acc online and see my other acc´s in Local…LOL CCP

The Logprogramm sens a Error" Neocombutton" missed

Can confirm, having this issue out in null- there’s a couple people running around who, despite being visible on the overview, are not in local- even after jumping gates back and forth.

having same issue.
“Could not connect to the chat server at
Please ensure that this port is not blocked.
Check the forums for any reported issues.

have verified. port 5222 is open.

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