Chat with Links

How do people link to things that have a different in game description compared to what is seen in chat? So for example, if I have an auction of salvage materials, if I try to post it into local, it will say “multiple items” but I’d like to have it say “salvage auction” instead. Kind of like how people will put up a contract for 1 PLEX and call it 500, but the difference is that I don’t plan on lying.

When you drag and drop, it makes description, but you can place text edit cursor in the middle of it and add text, and delete what you dont want in description. You can do that in ingame notepad and then drag from there to chat.

If you copy this below into the game chat, it will create bunny smoking grass.

(◔_◔) ⌇
(╰  )╯̅"

or this is a soldier riding on a torpedo

~  ༼̲̲▔̲▔̲༽̲  TORPS
~ \̚(^O^)  AWAY!
~  (▔̲▔̲]\୍
~[█ 〉̢̚ ▔̲██》

it looks a lot better in game, but for english client only.

you can do a lot in chat and notepad.


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