Cheaper rate for running 2,3,4+ accounts. Transfer months to other accounts after sign for 1 year?

I just signed up two weeks ago where the 30% off for the first month applied to me for my 6 accounts. When it comes to next month, I don’t want to pay full price!

Why don’t you have a $1 discount like you do for the 3,6,12 months for running 2,3,4,5 accounts every month.

Another option would be great if you could transfer a month of Omega to another account. I would sign up for 1 year if this was possible and transfer the months to my other accounts all the time.

At the end of the day, we consumers want to save $$ where your business wants to profit. I reckon it would increase sales a lot for people running more accounts cause right now, there is no deals for running more accounts.

I’d rather not encourage it.

Besides, seems people have plenty reason to have alts without a deal.

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I propose the opposite, increase the price for people running multiple accounts.

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If you turn any of those accounts into a skill farm, they are effectively free.

@Overkills, This system already exists more or less. When you buy PLEX… (PPP Price Per Plex)
110 Plex $4.99 = .045363 PPP
240 Plex $9.99 = .041625 PPP
500 Plex $19.99 = .039980 PPP
1100 Plex $39.99 = .036354 PPP
2860 Plex $99.99 = .034961 PPP
7430 Plex $249.99 = .033646 PPP
15400 Plex $499.99 = .032466 PPP

So if You buy a huge chunk of Plex up front and use that to sub your accounts, So in a way if you want an acct “Bulk discount” this is the easiest way to do it ATM.

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