Check GUI Version in launcher hangs and EVE is inaccessible

Getting this error when I launch the EVE launcher:

Clicking any of those options will still launch the EVE Launcher but that then goes no farther than

Anyone know of a workaround? Game has been launching fine until today. I have changed nothing.

EDIT:: Just did a full uninstall of EVE, downloaded the launcher and am receiving the exact same result. wtaf.

Which windows do you have? Also this seems to be a recurring problem:

Other than that I’ve never heard of it or heard anyone talking about it.

Managed to get back to business by uninstalling Eve and reinstalling under an entirely new directory. Simply uninstalling and attempting to reinstall to the old location would not work. So I got to spend an hour or so configuring again all of my UI and recreating Overview settings etc.

I still get the first error (please insert a disk) when I launch the Eve Launcher, though I can simply close the error dialogue and the launcher starts as normal.

I haven’t changed anything about my setup so it just seems Eve broke itself somehow while I was away for work. I love this game and have played since end of 2008. Though I must add that this game breaks itself more than any other game I have ever played which is frustrating af. No need to mention how CCP breaks the game more and more with each patch.

Ouch, well at least you can get it to work somewhat.

It might be some silly registry or settings issue so you could uninstall it once more and then run a registry cleaner like CCleaner, and then search for “CCP” or “EVE online” on your C drive and deleting everything it finds. Then it’ll be as clean as it gets without reinstalling Windows.

On your account and character settings:

You can create a copy of the current ones by going to %user%/Appdata/local/CCP/EVE/%installdir%/settings_default. Just sort by modified date and make a copy of the latest user and char files. Store it in a different folder just for backup purposes and once you cleaned it all you can then just copy them back.

You can ALSO use that to standardize your settings per character and account. First of all you want to create a template so you set up an account and character exactly as you want it and make sure to undock/dock to have it update and then create a copy of the user and char files giving it a name like “template_user” or whatever.

Now log in the character or account you want to use those settings on, (un)dock again so it updates the files, log. create a new copy of the template files you want to use and rename those to the file names the game just updated for the new character or account (and before doing so delete the old files first of course).

Doing that the first few times is a bit of a faff but once you’re used to it it’s super simple and quick. I actually made a shortcut to that settings folder on my desktop since I tend to have an unhealthy amount of alts, making using new characters or even accounts super easy and fuss free.

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