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Trying to sell your character for anything other than ISK (ie: real world funds) is not allowed and is against the EULA. If you do want to sell your character you must follow all rules stated in the character bazaar rules.

EVE Online - End User License Agreement

Section 6 - CONDUCT
B. Selling Items and Objects
You may not transfer, sell or auction, or buy or accept any offer to transfer, sell or auction (or offer to do any of the foregoing), any content appearing within the Game environment, including without limitation characters, character attributes, items, currency, and objects, other than via a permitted Character Transfer as described in section 3 above. You may not encourage or induce any other person to participate in such a prohibited transaction. You may not use, transfer or assign any game assets for games of chance operated by third parties. The buying, selling or auctioning (or any attempt at doing so) of characters, character attributes, items, currency, or objects, whether through online auctions, newsgroups, postings on message boards or any other means is prohibited by the EULA and a violation of CCP’s proprietary rights in the Game.

In the meantime I will be going ahead and closing this thread, but you are more than welcome to create a new one if you still wish to sell your character using the proper means to do so. If you have further questions, please go ahead and create a support ticket (under the ‘Game Play Support > Rules and Policies’ category so that your question or concern can be answered by an official CCP member.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: