Chicks on Speed (CoS) is recruiting [PvP, Npc-Null] [New Player Friendly]

Hello fellow Capsuleers,

Chicks on speed is a small group of veteran players looking to make new friends (maybe a few enemies as well) and grow as a corporation. We are looking for players interested in micro and small gang PvP.

Here at Chicks on Speed we offer an experience you can’t get from the mega corps and alliances. Whether you’re looking for a place to learn or share our passion for small gang pvp, come join us.

Currently we reside in npc null and low-sec, with plenty of opportunities to make isk, from mining, combat sites, to day tripping in j-space. We provide fleet doctrine ships for all fleets.

We are primarily US TMZ to late US TMZ. New players welcome, omega preferred

Some content we engage in, gate/bubble camps, micro/small gang roams/filaments, blops, hunting targets of opportunity and harassing residents of sov null.

You can reach out to us by joining Chicks on Speed Recruitment chat channel in game or contact the following players Teth Razor, H1ghit

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awesome group of people and have been teaching me the ropes.

Recruitment still open!


still recruiting