Chillout mining for fun and moderate profit. Advice needed

I have two alts chilling in my 0.5 home base system. i should like to use them for a little dual-box mining fleet. Just for those occasions when I’d like to chill out and click on some rocks.

I am not looking for massive riches, but imagine if you will a venn diagram consisting of three circles: acceptable income, low to moderate gank target, not heavy with the clicking. Does a middle zone sweet spot exist? What setup is in there?

Is the best thing just to head out with two retrievers? Perhaps a porpoise? Mibbe an Orca and a barge (but that’d surely make me a juicy target?)

Would appreciate advice.

two orcas. one compact mwd each, invul+em/thermal/kinetic shield hardeners+damage control, then either bulkhead or co-processor to fit a remote shield booster on the highs.
Then boosts.

if you are moon mining, don’t forget to make a BM on the opposite side of the athanor, to warp your orca there. mwd orca = fast align orca.

Nice. Thanks for the to-the-point answer.

Aren’t two Orcas a massive gank target? Or is that risk acceptable…

Come join us we need more miners.

Never got an orca ganked in HS. If you fit it for tank (besides the rigs and the mwd) , with max skills and hull implant it’s 380k ehp. in Hs that is 19k DPS to make it fall, so above 32 catalysts or 20 stealth bombers or 10 thaloses.
If you are fast enough you can OL the shield hardeners to get >420k EHP. if you know beforehand they come (eg if their scouts come in local), switch the mwd for an invul to get 520k ehp hot. for a total of <50M loot. and a total fit <1B only a multiboxer with like 100 cheap T1 catalysts would get a benefit.

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