Choosing an output container

The corp I am in has a shared hanger where we send the outputs of our industrial jobs. I have a container in there that is password protected and also has a password for configurations (locking items, unlocking items etc)

The container is there in the hanger, I can see it, however that container DOES NOT appear when I choose the output dropdown in the industry window.

How can I get this container to show in that windows, ive tried various permutations for permissions but nothing works unless the container is completely unprotected, which defeats the point

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Apart from the non answers so far, does anyone know how to do this?

That is your answer

I gotta go with CRV on this one… You’ll have to trust that idiots in your corp won’t touch it… I don’t think you can set output on a password protected container… though i may be wrong…

really? that sucks

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