As title above I am auctioning the Below.
2011 Toon, 7.7m Sp.

Positive Wallet,
No kill rights.
Located in High sec Gallente space.
+4 Implant Set (Except for Charisma)
1 Bonus Remap available
Minimal Corp History ( Some previous corps created by this toon )
I will Pay the Transfer fee and update this Thread as that happens.

After 3 days can fly Rapier with Mastery 1 to create Cynos :upside_down_face:
Recon ships at Level 2
Can also fly Assault frigates Level 2 ( Caldari )

Starts at 3b with Minimum increments of 100m.

Auction ends Saturday 6/11 or 3 or so days from now.
No Buyout offers please.


Confirming the Offer, thank you for your bid, No reserve so it will go once the auction is completed if no other bids.

offer 3.3b

Gergish Khan Winner of the Auction.
Once you Transfer the ISK the chr transfer will be underway.
Thank you for your bids.

One moment p0lease. I am connected.

isk and account sent.

ISK and account info received,
Transfer underway.

Character transfer received. Thanks

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