Christmas EvE

After watching the new EvE Pulse I couldn’t help but notice that decorated rifter. And I can’t stop wanting those lights on all my ships.
Why can’t we get a Christmas skin that puts lights on our ships?


Jesus features, maybe. But even they’re history.

Ingame Jesus birthday celebration? No bueno.

Yeah because hanging asian banners from the ships is way more festive at Christmas. Did CCP just get sold to China or something? Why do the Yoiul skins look like Chinese New Year skins??

I’m pretty sure that Asian is not a religion. And while well hidden behind commercialism, Christmas is a religious celebration.

So… “Chinese” themed skins are fine and Christmas skins are not, in my opinion.

Well Korean’s to be specific (CCP was bought by Korean RPG company).

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Indeed! It’s a “pagan” festivity! People celebrate the “re-birth” of the sun, also known as winter solstice! :blush:


Point is, would New Eden celebrate a solstice or some ancient religious figure’s birth?

No. No it wouldn’t.

As I said in my first post. Immersion.

While I’m sure that many areas of many planets have their local myths to celebrate, New Eden as whole would not celebrate Christmas.

No Christmas skins. Not now. Not ever.

If we aren’t celebrating Christmas in New Eden, why did we just get 12 days of presents?
Hmmm Foggy Bottom?

Maybe you are celebrating Christmas in New Eden, but the rest of us are celebrating it out here in the real world.

Learn to separate the two and life will make much more sense. Or don’t. Doesn’t much matter to me.

Right… New Eden doesn’t celebrate Christmas, the entirety of New Eden celebrates the Yoiul holiday festival, which has gifts and hell… why not festive holiday lights on ships?

Honestly, i think it’s a great idea… I want Rorqs to get a red sleigh skin that turns their excavators into reindeer (temporary skin that expires dec 25th)

Eve is a game that’s played outside the game anyway, we’re all here for the meta, and I somehow doubt if there are events that “just happen to happen” around earth holidays, that you’re really going to be “totally immersion broken” if CCP adds more festive stuff.

I knew we were going to see double standards on “immersion” in this thread.

Sure they might forget about the names and wherebouts 23000 years into the future. The Amarr still grasp a concept of “God” though.

For the most part, we have fireworks, and there is no rule against Secret Santas and Christmas celebrations, so in the vein of the fact that this time of year was a focal point for celebrations even before Christianity (mainly due to what our solar system does ) it would be perfectly fine to have decoration skins for ships without actually calling them “Christmas skins”.

Hopefully the lights will blink.

I would also propose we have a Festivus skin for the Incursus. Basically the same incurses except the pole sticking out the front is more shiny. Air your grievances and PVP the host…

Sure. Here in the forums. In the real world among players who are playing this game.

Once you log in, you leave that all behind. You have fireworks to do whatever you want lore wise. Celebrate Hulkageddon, or burn Jita, or making your first gank, or whatever. What you don’t have is Chrismas.

Why does it seem that most of the people who post here think that a good portion of a galaxy is about the size of Texas. As said 23,000 years in the future over thousands of star systems and tens of thousands of planets all of which have no memory of the mother world.

Christmas is a rinky dink holiday as it is now with maybe half the population of one planet even having heard of it. You really think it would be known across all of New Eden that have just now learned about space flight again?

Tell you what, people. Find me one quote about Christmas in any of the EVE lore and I’ll STFU about it.

Its called New Eden for some reason…

At this point it looks like you are alone for the holiday and just want to bicker about something. Good riddance.

Er…Herzog. Unless you are an AI, you are a human doing the same thing.

Merry Christmas, lonely guy.

Yoiul… celebrated across all of New Eden

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