Cinnamon Sabique


Egonics Development Studio announces new children’s holonet series: “Cinnamon Sabique.”

Developed in partnership with Nouvelle Hueromont’s Yaoh-Mei supermarket chain, Quafe’s Lirsautton VII main office, and One Wing Angels Host Club, Cinnamon Sabique capitalizes on the popularity of Yaoh-Mei’s new line of hot chewable candies.

Set in a distant utopian future, viewers follow the titular trans-gender diva’s adventures through a post-apocalyptic stellar wasteland surrounding the fictional “Twin Illuminated Pagodas” formation. Encountering benevolent cybernetic giants, loathsome Kruulspawn, and gibbering cultists who worship stacked industrial wreckage that occasionally speaks, “Sister” Sabique and her oddball crew find themselves constantly challenged to “stay fabulous.”

Half-Intaki, half-Achuran cabaret star Machi Koderakuxhu plays the leading role and frequently breaks into song. “We blend Mlle. Koderakuxhu’s cabaret style with subterranean brick house bass,” said Giscarre Zion, musical producer for the show. “Then, we layer Intaki transcendental sky lounge waves on top of Vherokior bip bop, and finally mix in JMPop backing vocals to contrast with Machi’s forceful intonations. It is very compelling.”

More than one message lies beneath the music.

According to Gustav Kelmad, lead writer, “Cinnamon Sabique explores issues of vital importance to adolescents across the Gallente Federation today. These include, but are not limited to: roles played by class in expanding economic and political opportunities; risks of unaddressed ethnic tension and subcultural alienation; social costs of superficial beauty; destabilizing influences of technology on societal evolution; and, the rights of artificial life.”

Instead of expanding into what we typically consider neighboring systems, the Twin Illuminated Pagodas extend “up” and “down” from celebrated Luminaire. “The peaks of each pagoda point at Luminaire,” says principal designer Miguel Allehandar, “but their bases reach far into the galactic halo. There are no surviving ‘stargates’ in this era, and the structure’s full extent remains unknown to all but a tiny handful of its residents.”

The society’s ruling elite, called “Dukes of Seventeen Floors,” all resemble carefree adolescents from diverse cultural backgrounds. Citizens are “ordinary people who lead ordinary lives” in a civilization able to freely manipulate atomic properties to meet resource needs. The relatively horizontal disk of our own era’s “known space” is, in the show’s time, only sparsely occupied by quasi-humanoid and other even less welcoming life forms.

The series begins when the pre-pubescent President Duke, voiced by Jin-Mei prodigy Shin Teuk Oh, informs Cinnamon that “the Dauphin has run off again.” Cinnamon’s pursuit of the Dauphin serves as the primary series plot advancement mechanic.

“He stays an episode ahead,” says Mssr. Allehandar, “permitting only brief, shining glimpses.”

In addition to expected music, beverage, candy, and merchandising sales by Egonics, Quafe, and Yaoh-Mei, CreoDron’s Lirsautton factory sees battlefield potential in the industrial wreckage idols it has manufactured for the show. These terrors feature prominently in “Episode 1: The Bled Lands,” and viewers will have no difficulty understanding why superstitious quasi-humanoid savages worship the monstrous idols as gods.

“The ‘death beam’ projected by each idol’s cyclopic eye represents a revolution in automated thermal projection technology,” said a company spokesperson. “It is certain to please battlefield commanders in all federal theaters of reconciliation.”

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