EVE-0nline; Heavenly Plots

(Ottom Ephesianos) #1

In the stall
The sane man’s Hell
or the fearful zealots cell;
All in light of the truth.
The human soul is immortal.

Yet; How does one achieve such lofty goals.



the orbital elevator if you will…

And who’s heaven is the home of the Will that guides our souls?

The War Hole

to some…

Heaven for others.

The Burning Bush

at the center of it all,

too primal for words;

Is a Heavenly plot.

Or Hell for those that don’t respect their soles.


(Diana Kim) #2

Message unclear.

(Halcyon Ember) #3

I believe Diana is asking that you transmit more of these messages to her personally. One a day should be perfect.

Keep clean the place where do you live!
(Diana Kim) #4

Now I wonder, what made you write this.

On one hand, a critical failure to understand what I meant could be a reason. But for this one must really lack a couple gears in the brain.
Another possibility, it could be a trolling attempt, sparked by hatred to Caldari State and our personnel, who post even quite neutral message on the forum, in order to show them in a bad sight - but as it turns out that reply shows only Ms. Ember in bad sight, as lacking ability to understand quite simple message.

And finally, returning to the lack of comprehension ability, generally, if wise people don’t understand something - they ask for clarification instead of making as outlandish claims as Ms. Ember does. So we can add that this quality she lacks as well.

But, it looks like I am overthinking about that, because in the end, opinion of Ms. Ember doesn’t really hold any value or significance and her reputation, in however perverted ways she would try to stain it, is not really my concern. My honor and reputation of combat pilot is enough to simply shrug off all her inane attempts, and I could only ask Ms. Ember to stop shaming herself by trying to speak anything about me, the State and other Caldari personnel, because that really would yield nothing except shame for Ms. Ember.

Though, I heard some people… enjoy that when they humiliate themselves. And when others humiliate them like that. I also heard there are a lot of underground societies built for this purpose, and I want to point out, that these forums were made not for this purpose.

This is not the place for you and type of comments you do, Ms. Ember.

(Halcyon Ember) #5

Your reputation is what others think of you. Take a look around the forum, your reputation is a joke.

(Diana Kim) #6

Who’d say that, but not you, Ms. Ember.

And, of course, if you notice on this forum exact same couple loud trolls, that try to damage my reputation (luckily, unsuccessfully, since all their attacks were quite stupid in nature - just like your one was), that speaks a lot about your person as well.

My reputation is what normal people think about me, my reputation is what respectful capsuleers think about me.

What you and other insignificant personalities spew out is just a noise and your personal hatred. Probably not even towards me, but towards the truth, that I push to your noses.

(Halcyon Ember) #7

You argue with everyone on this forum and none of them profess any particular respect for you. If this is just noise and personal hatred and you have no care for what any of them say

Why are you here?

(Lasairiona Raske) #8

Isn’t it obvious? She’s a troll, plain a simple. Even worse, she’s a hypocritical troll.

(Diana Kim) #9

Am I arguing? Maybe you think I am arguing even with you?
Nope. I am not arguing with you, or any of these trolls. I am arguing with normal people (you probably could find some of my conversations with them, if you stop barking and start readint). And if you still haven’t managed to guess what I am doing, I’ll tell you plainly, so even you will be able to understand: I am just telling you to shut up and that whatever desinformation you try to spread about me is false.
That’s all.

Managed to get it, or I need to repeat you more, like for minmatars?

(Diana Kim) #10

That’s the best self description of Lasairiona Raske, by the way.

(Halcyon Ember) #11

Insult of an entire people

Insult of Lasa

(Diana Kim) #12

Oh, and you managed to miss what she sad? So, what she sad, wasn’t insult, but what I sad - was?
What’s wrong with your logic? Moreover, whatever I’ve sad, wasn’t false information about Lasa. It wasn’t insult, it was a statement of fact in disrespectful form.

(Halcyon Ember) #13

No comment on your insult of all Minmatar, hm?
What did they all do to you?

(Diana Kim) #14

Oh, sweet Maker and all the Winds. You troll in threads without even trying to read what they were about?
Here, I’ll link it for you.

And you can move discussion there, since all this mess you’ve been posting in here wasn’t related to the discussion anyway.

Oh, and please excuse me, @Ottom_Ephesianos, I didn’t want to derail your thread (even if I consider you an enemy) or participate in this circus that these two trolls started, but I couldn’t leave comments like they barked unanswered. Please excuse me again.

(Lasairiona Raske) #15

I really like your poem, Ottom. It’s raw. Have you considered entering Luna’s writing contest next year with some of your poetry?

(Kalaratiri) #16

Or hell for those that don’t respect their soles

I think it’s fairly clear that this poem is warning of the dangers of not properly caring for your feet.

(Ria Nieyli) #17

Reach out to a local shoemaker, he’ll save your soles. He’ll even dye for you.

(Coulter Phelps) #18

That’s the kind of heeling I’m here for!

(Ottom Ephesianos) #19

You could just say ‘bump’ and save your souls.

As for clarifying…my previous diatribe was in relation to the afterlife.

Afterlife is different than the beings from whence the ‘orbital elevator’ related.

This is due to a quantum mechanic known as ‘The Heavenly Plot’.

This mechanic…hmm, this quantum bio-mechanic…umm

Ragnarok or Burdoc Lothloriel or St. Rock’s Citadel and Cabal…

S.S. Saint Knights: Odenknights; ULTRA Light-hugger Cathedral

and even of theory and lore… S.S. Saint Knights: Chronoknights; ULTRA Light-hugger and


S.S. Ghost Wolf is a pirate though…

Are Heavenly plots of human design.

Yet; The Orbital Elevator is not.

Allow me to explain Diana Kim.

Any planet of any solar system housing sentient life imagines during trials and tribulations that they are in hell.

Yet; they are perceived as wrong and ignorant, arrogant even, to think so when the systems of distant quadrants imagine them as their Heaven.


(Diana Kim) #20

Mr. Ephesianos, the only thing I am sure about the afterlife, is that nobody has ever returned from there to tell the truth. And as for beliefs and religions, I don’t think that the payment for me to learn the truth worth the information I’ll get.

The God (or Gods) have created our Universe, but the societies and conditions we live in were forged by human hands. That would be too arrogant to assign a human creation a name of the Maker’s creation (would it be Heaven or Hell).