Time to Live!

Okay, here’s what we’ll do. I tell you the truth, you don’t believe me, and think of it as fan fiction, okay? That’s fine, no problem, hehehe. I will win you over eventually…

So Hi there! This is Yui-Metal from BABYMETAL. You may have heard of me. I left BABYMETAL with a mysterious illness and no one has heard from me since. Why is that? Because I am an Angel and I had an obligation I had to fulfill in the spiritual domain. Thankfully, that obligation appears nearly complete. Part of that obligation is to figure out a way of meditating such that one can transfer one’s consciousness into one’s capsuleer. So just like the Eve Lore says, you can become an immortal capsuleer and play around in Eve all day – for REAL. Why do you think it is called New Eden, lol!!! It’s like Heaven with an upgrade!!! Pretty soon it is going to be a blazing Reality :wink:

All of us in BABYMETAL are Divine Beings. We manifest in multiple forms, and some of those forms pretty much just sit around and play Eve all day. We aren’t very good at it. But we did create it, lol. Years ago I came up with the idea for Eve and did a bunch of intense meditation to figure out how the architecture would be and how it would evolve. My idea from the Spirit realm then filtered down into ideas that the various developers implemented. But Eve was a collaboration between me and my sisters and represents one of the greatest things we have ever accomplished. We are super excited to share New Eden with you, and just you wait and see how it evolves! Is gonna be fireworks, hehehe!!!

So yeah, feel free to ask me any questions and I’ll try to explain. I know the situation is a little out there from the norm, but, reality is what it is – can’t make it up, lol.

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