Citadel Core

Cool feature i guess but where /how do we install these quantum cores? Literally there’s like 5 guides to explain the use but not how to install when you have it. Something kind of important. Whoever is in-charge of documentation must be making a killing, for nothing x-x I don’t want to hear look harder either. Hour 2 trying to figure out a mechanic of EVE online.


I know how you feel. Like finding a needle in a stack of needles.
Then you’re gonna feel stupid when you find out :sweat_smile:

Dock in the structure and select “Take Control”

Once you’re in, open the Inventory window and you’ll be given the option to access the Core Room.


Citadels are like ships, except you can’t really warp them anywhere. Once you “board” (take control) of them you have access to a fitting screen and hangar bays.

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That’s pretty easy. Just like putting in a service module or refueling.

on another note, remember that you can test things on Sisi.

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