Anchoring Station how?

Ok here is a topic.
I look in the Web, in the help but did not found any expanded information how anchor a station.
Every intel is outdated , before quantum Core update i got station.
Here is a base hole in information’s in the web.
Do I need Control tower? Small Medium Large?
When I put quantum Core in to a station?
Do I need additional Fuel Blocks?

And Idea Could CCP Record a small Tutorial about that topic , and upload at YouTube?

If you are asking about control towers, you are way out of date. Way before quantum cores.

All you need is the structure itself.

  1. Anchor an citadel
  2. wait 15min
  3. wait 24h
  4. dock up and take control
  5. put the QC in appropriate folder
  6. wait 15min
  7. take control again and put service modules, fitting etc.
  8. enjoy

you can try it on sisi.

PS: The citadel it self consuming no fuel, that are the service modules that consume fuel.

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Got it , Pin it because to intel isn’t mostly outdated is fully outdated. I think.

This page has been updated for quantum cores.

See also and aforementioned Quantum Cores | EVE Online .

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