Citadel division hangar access manadgement. NonNPC space corporations nerf

The corporation hangar access rights have 3 parameters:

  1. Base
  2. Headquarter
  3. Other
    But it is true only to highsec players and corporations, who have access to NPC stations. On citadels parameters “Base” and “Headquearter” doesnt work. It is not possible to set some citadel as Base for a character and give that character access to corporation division hangar only on that citadel, as it possible for NPC stations.

Citadels was released long time ago, why CCP dont fix this bug yet? Or is this nonNPC space corporations nerf?

The lack of this feature has also frustrated me. It is a curious omission.

Yes, this situation with corporaion hangar devisions make me cry :frowning:

New patch agein, and ability to set citadel as a base for character, or move HQ to citadel, to reciave ability for advanced hangar access manadgement, doesnt fixed yet. When nullsec and industry nerf will be fixed?

Support told that “Make citadel as a base for character, or move HQ to citadel is impossible, because it can be destroyed or unanchored, so it is your problem”. Can developers comment this situation?

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