Citadel Features - Casino

Not sure about anyone else, but I miss the Captain’s Quarters. There could have been a lot of expansions on this for sure.

Keepstars should have an additional slot for “Upgrades” and have things like a Casino which the profits can go to the owning corp of the station. Beats ship spinning when you are board.

Captain’s Quarters are not coming back. Walking in stations is never going to happen. If you want to gamble in EVE, it already exists. It’s called the Hypernet…


Apparently, EVE attracts quite a few players with a tendency towards gambling addiction, because almost every time that Captain’s Quarters or Walking In Stations is brought up, some form of gambling or a casino is what they want to be added…

Considering eve has a pg rating for 13 and up, gsmbling will not make it to eve again.

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How about the owners get 1 isk for every full spin of your ship

I get that it’s supposed to be funny, but someone would totally mind a way to bot this without anyone ever knowing, making potentially tons of money. It could be the new worst ISK faucet.

  • Put thousands of PLEX as a single stack in a rookie ship and warp to a safespot.
  • Initiate self-destruct and wait for the count-down to complete.
  • Adrenaline rush.
  • See if the PLEX survived.

There, gambling for you. :wink:


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