Citadel Fix - Nerf Cyno Ships Being Able To Be Tethered To The Citadel

Ships that are being used as Cynosural systems should be able to be tethered to a station. Being tethered to the station allows for an unlimited number of ships to be brought into the system without being able to be attacked and repelled.

A timer for untethering the Cyno ship should be every two minutes and last for a five minute cycle before be able to be tethered again.

The Cyno ship’s Cyno field would not be affected and would continue to be able to bring ships into the system until destroyed or it leaves.

IF you dont like the ship being tethered you can bump them off the station cant you.

You’ve got to be trolling or incredibly dumb at this game. The moment you light a cyno, you LOSE THE TETHER. If they have a lit cyno, and you cannot target them, file a bug and exploit report.

Why because of Falcon? The ecm is strong in this one.

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