Citadel warfare in HighSec


Yesterday I lost my first citadel (in HS).
On one hand it was not really my timezone, at the other I was busy (as hauler) in a eviction OP in J-Space,
and had no free pilot for that.
So far so bad, its done!

Now the question:
You can use a neutral pilot (e.g. fresh alpha clone) as a station admin to operate the weapons against PVE-enemies.

-Can he defend the station against attackers?
-What happens if you hit an uninvolved pilot with an AE weapon?
-Has someone (positive) experience with these ECM-Bursts ?

If you are referring specifically to highsec still, then:

  1. you can’t use AOE weapons in highsec on an Upwell structure
  2. an Upwell structure with only its own weapons, is difficult to defend with

In relation to 2, the citadel defences are really support weapons. While you can point/scram, neut, ecm and drop out fighters, any attackers who even have half a clue (and most have more), will easily overcome that.

If you have a defence fleet of ships, then the citadel defences become really potent.

This last bit I’ll need to check, but I don’t think neutrals can be given the required roles to use the weapons. I could easily be wrong though.

I think you actually can.

But like you I am not sure. If you find a definitive answer, please post it here!

Sadly, you cannot. I tried that once when a friend from a different corp tried to help me. They could take the gunner seat but the safety settings were set to green automatically (according to them) and they could not activate weapons on the attackers, with whom the structure owner was at war.


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