Citadel Defense Question

So I have been wondering about how to defend a citadel. One of my thoughts was to deploy POS weapon batteries around the citadel to be able to defend it. Is this possible? If not, is there an alternative?

Citadels already get weapons and fighters with no skill requirements. It’s not possible to deploy POS guns around them, but they don’t need them. They’re perfectly well armed.

Of course you also need to deploy a defence fleet. That’s really the key to a successful defence.

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Good to know. Thx

Citadels can be fitted quite similar to ships. Depending on the type of citadel, they have different slot layouts and fitting space.

Be aware they have to be manned to defend properly. They won’t shoot on their own.

XL citadels (keepstars) can also mount doomsday weapons along with anticap missile batteries to deal with caps and supers and launch heavy fighters (they have an obscenely large fighter bay, think 400,000 m3).

You didn’t mention where you want to put your structure - or why but, since you’re a relatively new player in what appears to be a highsec industrial corporation, I’ll assume that’s where you plan to build.

The best defense for a highsec structure is fuel - a high power structure requires a lot of work to kill for very little reward. If someone perceives you as competition, they may pay mercenaries to kill your structure but, otherwise, it isn’t worth the effort.

Other things you can do to reduce risk:

  • Create a holding corp for your structure(s). An alpha can do this job. Keep your operating corporation war ineligible.
  • Keep your structure private - out of sight is out of mind.
  • Pick a low traffic system well away from trade hubs. You’ll benefit from a lower system cost index for industry and nobody is likely to consider you a competitive threat.

Edit: last but not least - don’t build it if you can’t afford to lose it. You can mitigate risk but you can’t eliminate it!


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