Citadels have ruined my style of Gameplay

(Dallas Black) #1

Since Citadels are for most of the time invulnerable and thus unable to be locked, and any ally within in tether range of the citadel is also not lockable my favourite activity in EVE has been made almost impossible.

Can someone please explain to me how I am supposed to make pretty firework displays and lighten up the lives of unsuspecting industrialists by activating my full rack of festival launchers upon their freighters when they undock from a citadel or Engineering Complex. I feel the problem will only get worse with the introduction of the new Refineries because I won’t even be able to shoot freighters picking up moon goo from POSes with my multitude of Yoiul Festival Snowballs anymore.


(yellow parasol) #2

okay, this actually is sad. you do no harm, only spread fireworks and thus happiness.


(Obil Que) #3

Step 1: Eject can on the undock point of citadel
Step 2: Shoot can with fireworks
Step 3: ?
Step 4: Profit