Citedal Skins

So we’ve seen the market for all our ships skins, some are cooler then others, minmatar will never have anything cooler then bloody hands, but it’s whatever…

CCP said when they implemented citidels that they wanted to give players a place that they can be proud of owning, and owning a floating blue station is all cool and dandy but like life i think there is always room for variety. Given the fact that there might be more citidels than players in pandemic horde in the game what about opening a skinning market for them?

We can all agree there’s too many of the citidels and while I believe there are some heavy pros and cons to a citidel, it’s already in the game so might as well skin it!

Thanks for reading.

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They have discussed this before. Last I had heard it was a thing they were working on, but they have to find a way around the issue of ownership. Ships are owned by a player, but structures are owned by a corporation, and a corporation has no skin list or inventory of that sort yet.

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But there should become a database for such an inventory, the skins could cost isk, or LP and become even more of an isk sink.

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