Clean 2007 Character

(Repochik) #1

Hello, I am Repochik and I am for sale.

I have 756,265 skillpoints + 46,920 unallocated
I am located in HS (Rens), positive wallet, 0.0 security status, no kill rights, no standings, no corp history
I am mostly Int/Mem attribute mapped but come with 4 remaps (timed +3 bonus)

Looking for a quick sale

(Tom Forager) #2

500m bid (won’t cover transfer, also no idea of what this is worth)

(Repochik) #3

Its generally worth something to people with a good deal of isk who want a fresh start. ~ 4.5b is what I am looking for. Transfer cost + 1b.

(Tom Forager) #4

Okay. Good luck!

(Repochik) #5

Still for sale

(RAKonline eve) #6

canel bid