WTS Myself

As you can see by the skillboard he has verious uses.

capital energy turret 5
small and medium energy turret 5
cyno 5
cybernetics 5
amarr dread 3
am frig 5
am destroyer 5
am cruiser 5
recon 4
not a bad miner either!

will be located in high sec.

positive wallet, sec status and no kill rights.

start bidding at 25b
buyout 35bish offers welcome

he is now located in high sec and is out of corp.

ill bid 25bill

thank you for your bid =)

will sell tonight if i get a decent offer!


Auction ends today at downtime!

Highest bidder wins

26B isk

Thank you for the bid!

Will do 29b on the spot offer stands untill DT. (in 1hr 3min 14 seconds)

deal transfer now? @Bananaboat_Blues

Isk & Details sent

@Bananaboat_Blues character transfered, many thanks

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