Cleaned up items and skills - 2021-11-23


With the latest patch deployment for Singularity we removed a bunch of items and skills, which were related to the compression changes. I’ll try to reimburse the removed skillpoints in the next few hours.

edit: The reimbursement has been completed, the skill points have been added to free skillpoints.


In the (first) blog it was mentioned that there would be some option to have refunded SP automagically reassigned to the new skills, I guess this isn’t (and won’t be?) a thing on SISI.

So many issues here.

CIC now takes a lot more SP to use, so the reimbursed amount doesn’t cover new skills. Can we get another bundle of SP or do I need to do some extractions?

CIC I will also not fit onto my Orca anymore, get a “to big to fit on Orca” error. Even double checked the info on the CIC and it says it should fit on the Orca.

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