Cleaning Crew [CLCW.] - C4 AU TZ WH corp - Grab a broom and join us

Cleaning is a newly reformed AU TZ corporation specializing in wormhole life. We live in a class 4 with a class 3 and class 5 static. We require omega status. While we do not have an sp minimum we do require new members to be able to fly certain ships and it is a plus if you have two accounts or are planning to get one once your eve finances improve as they will if you Cleaning Crew.

If you are tired of level 4 missions or null sec ratting and want a little more adventure in your eve life or just want to take your eve play to the next level, join our pub chat.

While we are happy to talk to anyone from all TZ we are focusing on recruiting AU TZ.

We use discord for coms and tripwire for mapping.

Pub Chat: Cleaning Crew Pub Chat

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