Clearing NPC filled Relic/Data sites

Currently I’m doing exploration in Heron and for every 10 relic/data sites scanned, 8 out of 10 are populated with hostile NPCs, no matter the sec or wh space. Are these supposed to be cleared by one pilot in a single ship or a squad? If there are some fits to solo these sites, what would those be?

Forgotten and Unsecured sites are combat sites and hack sites are found in all classes of WH. NPC need cleared, drop a mobile depot refit a relic/data analyzer and hack the site. Loot the NPC for blue loot, and salvage wrecks for building T3 Rigs/Ships.

The name of the site generally gives you an idea what you’ll encounter. You can use a reference like this one to check them:

The ships you can use to clear combat sites vary by region and WH class. Astero, CovOps, some people use some SoCT ships. You’ll probably need to google the type-name of the site in order to see what/how people go about clearing them.

Also keep in mind the “don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose” guidelines. Hunters are common.


Anything that relates to sleepers/drifters is guarded.

Anything that is pirates is unguarded.

The sleepers/drifter sites are quite challenging to scan so you will know you got one of those sites.


You can solo them. Use Astero in most case, sometimes covops.

Your astro will literally get deleted by the sleeper turret lol. Nearly perfect application and a sizeable alpha damage vs that poor thing with 0 tank.

Depeds on your skills. Veterans can blitz these in a BC with scanners. Personally I woukd stick to the Astero or any cover ops ship. If you are a newish player just ask any vetran to come tank for you

Yah in a BATTLECRUSIER then have a scanner come in. I was about to say if they go in with only a frigate I would be astounded.

“blitz” is just killing the NPCs really fast lol.

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