Client download for returners

Please place “download client” button somewhere on top of main site ( or at signon

It’s frustraiting to need to google my way to download client.
But I’m familiar to eve way =)


It’s there already, you just have to scroll to the bottom. :slight_smile:

Ok. It’s just ****** trendy site style. :grimacing:

Such style really need button “scroll to bottom where all real stuff locates”

How else are they going to convince you to look at the ■■■■ you have no interest in seeing? Won’t somebody please think of the webdevs!

The “universal” Windows 95 UI has a lot more going for it than people realize :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m no fan of tablet design myself. It’s pretty dumb for anyone who uses a display as he should: horizontally.

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