Landing page is terrible for new/returning players

it’s a short story of my struggle to install EVE Online.

I had a pause for 2 years and decided to check updates and play for hour or two.
So I went to account site -> reset password -> authenticated.
For some random reason, account website has no obvious links to main game website or game client itself.
Well, I’ve Googled main website address…
There is huge “Play free” button with Windows and Mac icons -> clicking on it -> “You are logged in as Vandalko. If you want to create a free trial account you will need to log out first.”
Game proposes me to log out… wait, what ? I want to play, not log out :slight_smile:

For another random reason, you have to scroll down to the bottom -> there you’ll find subtle " Download the game" link
Here you go, sir! Now you can play :slight_smile:

Maybe, I’m just missing some skills… Maybe Jita market can offer corresponding skill books ? :slight_smile:

Alpha-Omega that’s the difference!

Alpha = free play
Omega = paid to play

CCP have it set up so only the most dedicated sociopath ganker will stick with it to the download button.

Call it pre-screening.


well, this days it’s maximum I can offer per day - you know, real life “sux” sometimes :wink:

Yes i know what you mean and you’re right but we have to be a bit realistic, after 2 years a couple hours in EvE it will not bring much. Too many things changed, just take your time and btw. welcome back, hope you’ll stuck with us :slight_smile:

I agree. Spent too many minutes myself looking for the client download when i got back a while ago.

Until I backspaced too google and wrote eve client download cus my autistic ass couldnt find the button.

‘play for free’ -> already have an account log in -> account -> download eve client.

(or the download link at the bottom)

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