Client fails to launch

The launcher logs in just as normal, but when I click Play it goes as normal for a few seconds, and then goes back to “play” configuration, the client does not start.

Already tried verifying shared cache, purged a few duplicated files, but no files were found to be corrupted.

Tried the Graphics Card solution suggested in another thread, still won’t launch.

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same :frowning:

I have some sort of similar problem to this. When clicking play it does not open a window and after a couple seconds goes down to 0% cpu, not doing anything. In the logs, after a bunch of verification messages it has the message:

uthread2 registered stackless
Failed to import: No module named gevent

I am on arch linux with wine-staging with the gallium nine patches, but the only thing I updated recently are my graphics drivers (and I got the same issue after downgrading them), so I don’t think it’s a problem on my end.

Edit: Turns out it appears to be a problem on my end. I downgraded libdrm (which was updated recently), and the error goes away.

I got an Asus PC with a Nvidia card

On windows i just update my driver of graphic card

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